The way we work

It’s all about exposure

This specifically applies to the current housing market in Amsterdam, where competition is fierce due to the large number of available properties.  Amsterdam Rental Brokers is an active rental broker agency with a broad marketing strategy. Keep reading to find out more about our conditions and what we do to ensure we rent our your property quickly. Still have questions? Or would you like to make an appointment? Don’t hesitate to contact us by calling, or clicking the button below. We’d love to talk to you!

List your property

If you assign us to rent out your property in Amsterdam, we list your property on our own websites: and  As the name may already suggest, our business unit Expat Rentals mainly focuses on the expat market based in Amsterdam.  By now, we are proud to have several major international companies and organisations among our tenants.

Besides offering the property on the above-mentioned websites, we also list your home on:, the largest rental website for private sector accommodation in the Netherlands;, the largest expat platform in the Netherlands;, and

Since we pursue an international market approach and our tenants often don’t speak Dutch, we always provide our property listings with a description in English.

Click here to see the listing at Pararius

Pictures of your property

Good pictures make the difference! All realtors know that properties in Amsterdam which are put online together with some nice pictures, get rented out a lot faster. If you want to distinguish yourself from the competition, then it might be an idea to opt for professional property photography. We would be happy to provide you with more information about the different options.

Weekly mailing

We provide a weekly mailing on the real estate market and current and new offerings in the Amsterdam region. This mailing is sent to hundreds of people, whom are either looking for rental properties regularly or are looking for a rental property right now. The mailing is also sent to our contacts within international companies and to many other people who have registered with us via the website or via the phone. These people have all indicated that they wanted to be informed of our offerings (and are often directly looking for a property). We also send a mailing to rental realtors and mediators in the region, allowing them to offer our Amsterdam properties to their own client base. Please read the next paragraph to learn more about this process.

Cooperation with other realtors

Over the years, we have built great relationships with many other rent realtors in the Amsterdam region. We are very happy to work together with these offices, making sure that your property can be rented out as soon as possible. In many cases we cannot fulfill the request of a potential lessee with only our own offering, which leads us to to ask the help of colleagues in the market. They will then be able to provide just the right property. This led us to setup and maintain great relationships with a number of colleagues since way back. We represent you as an owner and they represent the hiring party. This form of cooperation allows us to cover the entire market. Therefore you no longer have to register your property with any other offices to make sure that their client base will also know about your property. We take care of all of that!

Membership VVA

The “Vereniging van Verhuurmakelaars” (Rental Realtors Association) in Amsterdam, or VVA in short, is an association that aims to further professionalism and cooperation between her associated members. All offices that are part of the VVA, use the same legally correct standard rental agreement and general terms and conditions. The association will also take the required disciplinary actions if complaints are lodged against any of her members and she also has access to excellent legal support as a result of cooperating with a top law firm. In short, as  we are a member of the VVA , you as a client are ensured of high quality and professional services. For more information regarding the VVA, you can visit the website at

Lessee background check

Renting out a property might seem easy, but is often harder than you’d expect. Renting out a property is often a complex legal affair and the options are more limited than you might think, due to binding rental laws. This makes good advice even more important! We do whatever is required to give you the right advice and information, taking your specific situation into account. We always keep our property owners informed of developments on the rental market.

Problems can often be prevented by doing a background check on the potential lessee. We always perform such a check! Potential lessees are required to present their passport and an employer declaration or other document that provide information about their income, before we setup the rental agreement. We always actively verify these documents and always advise our clients to not continue with a potential lessee, if there is any reason for doubt.

Rental agreement, payment and key exchange

After concluding negotiations and after verifying the background of a lessee, we will create the rental agreement. The agreement will be sent to both parties for approval. If both parties agree, the lessee will be charged for both the rental amount and the deposit. After payment of the above, the key exchange will take place. This ensures that you are sure that the lessee fulfilled all his commitments, before the rental agreement coming into effect. During the key exchange, also called the check-in, we create an inspection report of the property, which will need to be signed by both the lessor and the lessee. This report will describe the current state of the property at commencement of the rent in detail, including meter readings. As further supporting evidence, we will create an extensive photo report of the property and inventory, making sure that there will be no discussion regarding the state of the property and the inventory. At the end of the rental period, we will be present when performing the check-out and can ,if need be, help you with the calculation of the water and electricity usage.