Looking for the perfect property?

HousingOnline assists the candidate tenant to find the perfect property.'

Don't waste your time looking for a perfect house

You don’t want to waste time looking for a perfect house. We will make sure that you find your house or apartment quickly, in or near Amsterdam!

Furnished or semi-furnished

We look for that one house that perfectly suits your situation and demands. Whether you need the house furnished or semi-furnished.

Price range

The rent for the properties that we mediate for starts at approximately € 1.250,- per month. We only mediate in private sector rental properties.

No cure, no pay.

We don’t charge any registration fee. If our mediation proves successful, we charge you one month’s rent as commission.

HousingOnline takes your worries off your hands

Here at HousingOnline, your wish list is our starting point. You inform us about your criteria, like the number of rooms, a child-friendly neighborhood or quick access to arterial roads. Once you have made your wishes clear, we set to work to quickly and efficiently fulfill them. Thanks to our in-depth market knowledge and extensive network of contacts, we can show you every house or apartment that is available for rent. Making separate appointments with different real estate agents is now a thing of the past, because we do it for you! On top of that, we usually receive the keys to the property you might be interested in, so you can see a great number of suitable houses in no time!

What can we do for you?

– We perform a market conformity check on the rental agreement and agreed conditions;
– HousingOnline advises you about a reasonable rent for your house;
– We negotiate in your name for the best possible deal;
– We help you transfer gas, water, power and other services;
– We provide you with advice about the neighbourhood and general quality of living.

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